Magnetic Water Softeners

Earth Friendly Water SofteningAre you tired of the hard water scale that shortens the life span of everything that comes in contact with your water? For example your dishwasher, fixtures, hot water tank, ice maker, washing machine, fountains, and shower-heads.

Have you searched the web for information about water conditioning systems… well you’ve come to the right place!

We have the viable alternative to salt water conditioning systems that pollute the very water you drink.

Are you looking for an Eco-friendly way to not pollute the environment with chemicals or additives? Saltless water softeners may be the answer for you! Many cities and counties across the United States are banning anything that contaminates the ground water and a magnetic water softener system doesn’t add anything harmful to the environment (but it does send the unused minerals right back into the ground). At the same time you are cleaning your pipes and all appliances, you are returning the minerals to the earth as natural elements to the water. Our water conditioners use the strongest magnets for water lines by far!

Why Use a Magnetic Water Softener?

Earth Friendly Water SofteningHow does this happen? When you water passes through the magnets, it creates a surface tension that changes how the water behaves with the natural minerals in your water. Everyone’s water is different and yet everyone has the same problem that they are trying to eliminate – scale created by lime, magnesium, or calcium. When water molecules go through the focused magnetic field… it affects the dissolved minerals so that they no longer have a tendency to stick to your pipes or your fixtures. The calcium will be more suspended in the water and run down your drain. Everything that comes in contact with magnetized water will be cleaned from the current minerals and it will lengthen their lifetime and increase their ability to work properly.

If you do not want to clean all the scale off your fixtures, you can latterly splash the water on the build up and in a little time, it will soften the minerals so that you can easily remove them. Once clean, it should take no more than wiping them down with a paper towel or soft cloth. All the internal workings of your appliances (including your coffee pot) will be cleaned over time. It depends on how much build up is there to begin with as to how long it will take.

Earth Friendly Water SofteningIf you have a hot water tank, you can get a visual every 4 weeks. After installing the magnetic water softener,  the minerals are dissolved and deposited in the bottom of the hot water tank, you will need to take a hose and empty 1 gallon from the base of your hot water tank every 4 weeks until the water runs clear. Once the water runs clear, your tank is clear of buildup and will be more energy efficient while lasting longer than it would have without the use of hard water magnets. Our salt free water softener systems are easy to take with you if you move… ever think of taking a traditional salt softener or even a Pelican water type of conditioner with you?

What Other Benefits Will I Get From a Magnetic Water Softener?

Magnetic water treatment systems are good for more than just your plumbing. Another visual you might watch are your house plants. Yes, I said house plants. Their root systems have scale on them too from using your existing water which prevents them from getting the water into their root system like you would think. Once your water is magnetized, it will begin to remove scale buildup from the roots of your plants too and they will then not only get healthy drinks of water, the minerals will be dissolved and they will also get the uptake and benefits of the minerals. If you have a brown thumb, you can now watch your plants thrive. If you have always done well with your house plants, they will love you for cleaning their roots.

Earth Friendly Water SofteningMany people choose to treat their outside water for things like washing their cars so they get reduced spotting, however, if you do that, the water that comes in contact with any bushes or lawn with also make them thrive. Consequences – you may have to mow more often or trim your bushes more often; plants too will enjoy the minerals that are dissolved in the water by a magnetic water softener.

No Salt Water Softeners are the new, harmless way to treat an old problem.

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